Glimsity offers businesses, professionals and organizations

of all ages and stages

a way to connect visually and emotionally

with prospective customers

so they’ll remember you when they go to buy.

Professional Video

We provide a documentary videographer to find the best visuals for your story and a communications specialist to help find the best messages for your audience.

We offer a half-day shoot and production planning.

Your communications specialist oversees the production process all the way through and promotes your story online long after your video is complete.

Content Marketing

The content Glimsity provides you is video. We promote the content we produce in many ways to increase your business’s visibility. What we do is Public Relations in this digital age. P.R. is about telling stories. And at Glimsity, we tell the stories visually with stellar video and images.

P.R. has more value now than ever. With so much information online, quality content rises to the top. We create and distribute high quality content geared toward getting you discovered online.

All at one set affordable price. >